Ever since she was a kid, she loved to do things
differently. She was a weirdo in a sense. She was misguided in her teen years
but over the years, she started to learn herself better. Working a 9-5, she was
able to support herself, but something was still missing. She still felt an
emptiness. In 2021, she quit her job and didn’t know the when, the where and
the how. 

She found God in 2022. After a three-month
cleansing, she was brought back to her passions. One of them was art. As a
child, she loved colors. She loved mixing them. She loved looking at things and
seeing what others didn’t.  Also in 2022, she discovered digital art. It was challenging to her
learning the aspects of digital art. With the confirmation of God, she knew
that enduring and overcoming was the only way. 

She welcomes everyone to her love and version of
art. Her mixture of art styles shows that she’s willing to step outside of the
creativity box. 

Psalm 18:36 - You gave a wide place for my steps
under me, and my feet did not slip.

This verse is significant to me because before I
could walk firmly in who God called me to be. I was limiting my steps and rooms
that God was calling me in due to personal insecurities. Now, I’m able to stand and walk with strength knowing that God is always covering me. If you’re reading this, REMEMBER, you
have a purpose. You are the purpose. Nothing or no one can stop what God has given
you dominion over. 💕🙏🏽